Email: [email protected]

This is the easiest way to contact me and usually results in the quickest reply.

Twitter: @peterlewis

I tend to keep up with my Twitter feed (even though I don't post a great deal), so if you @ or DM me then you're likely to get a fairly swift response.


Matrix is an open standard and communication protocol for real-time communication. I don't use it a huge amount, yet, but if you send me a message I should see it fairly promptly.


Signal is a secure instant messaging service that is a fantastic replacement for WhatsApp (which, itself, uses the Signal Protocol).

Public key

My public key (along with a number of identity proofs/claims) is accessible on Keybase and Keyoxide. I also host a copy of my public key here.

Fingerprint: a026fdecc21824ceca4cda3cea31443fd7528043