Email: [email protected]

This is the easiest way to contact me and usually results in the quickest reply.

Mastodon:@[email protected]

Mastodon is a federated microblogging social network. My instance is hosted by


Matrix is an open standard and communication protocol for real-time communication. I don't use it a huge amount, yet, but if you send me a message I should see it fairly promptly.


Signal is a secure instant messaging service that is a fantastic replacement for WhatsApp (which, itself, uses the Signal Protocol). Whilst I don't list my phone number publicly, if you would like to contact me via Signal then please do let me know, through any other method listed.

Public key

My public key (along with a number of identity proofs/claims) is accessible on Keyoxide.

Fingerprint: a026fdecc21824ceca4cda3cea31443fd7528043