Guitar Cycles

Guitar Cycles
‘Guitar Cycles’ is a study for solo guitar and explores the idea that the expression of notes can have as much influence on a work as the notes themselves.

It focuses on a pre-written 19 bar phrase which the performer first plays in the style of their choosing, following simple direction. The performer then begins the cycle again, developing this 19 bar phrase – letting their emotions influence their playing style, with the objective of being able to express themselves and their feelings through this limited soundscape.

Although this short phrase is developed, no additional notes should be added (expect for octave changes). These stipulations imposed on the player are not meant to restrict them but instead serve to highlight the emotional versatility of the notes that are provided. As Henry Kaiser once said, “How you play a note is just as important as what the note is”.

The chord structure in ‘Guitar Cycles’ has been specifically composed to give the player scope for both major and minor stylist development so as not to influence their emotions. It has been composed with the intentions of being a reflective piece, but that is not to say that one can’t treat this in an upbeat and lively manner, the possibilities behind the work are endless.

Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis

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