Update Demo

Update Demo

A Shortcut with the sole purpose of demonstrating an automatic update mechanism for Shortcuts.

I was browsing /r/shortcuts recently and came across YouTube Shortcuts 1.1 by /u/tdevx. The reason why this Shortcut caught my eye was because of it's ability to "auto-update" of sorts.

It accomplishes this by fetching and processing a remotely-hosted JSON file. From this, it then provides notification of an update being available, the change-log as well as a mechanism for then fetching this update.

I cannot take any credit for the update mechanism, all recognition must go to /u/tdevx, but I have put together a Shortcut to demonstrate this update capability. Whilst I'm using this update mechanism in my other Shortcuts, I thought that cobbling-together a Shortcut with a sole focus of demonstrating the update mechanism might make the process easier to understand and reproduce.

Download v2.3 here (Needless to say, v2.4 is available!)


Version 2.3 (2020-03-02)

  • Replaced deprecated Shortcut actions

Version 2.1 (2020-01-02)

  • Now compatible with iOS 13
  • Re-written with "Magic Variables"
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Peter Lewis

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